5 Tips for Fitting a Mortice Lock

When it comes to fitting a mortice lock, you want to ensure that it's installed properly. There are several things you want to consider before trying to do a mortice lock yourself. Never underestimate the value of getting a professional locksmith in to install your lock. Many factors (and unfortunately I'm not talking about chocolate) can influence whether a lock can be fitted without issue. Are the correct spindles and handles being used? Have you considered 100% of the doors and frames disposition? Are there any other outlets on the door preventing the door from being closed completely? Make sure you don't attempt to fit a Mortice Lock if at all possible.

Mortice locks are usually considered to be a high-security locking device being used in the main entrance points of your property. There are undoubtedly many variations available to suit your needs and requirements, however, many people prefer using a mortice lock as they are stronger and more secure than other mechanisms. Currently, there are several types of Mortices in the market, varying from the traditional bevelled edge locking systems to the popular cylinder that requires a key to be introduced into a specific keyway. Most mortice locks are adaptable for use with multipoint cylinders for enhanced security or electrical options such as automatic locking and door release when power is cut off.

When it comes to gaining entry into your own property, there are a number of doors that you could choose. Homeowners can opt for less aesthetically pleasing front door options or front doors with a range of functions. They can also opt for the traditional choice of back door entrance doors. Whatever entry option you choose, you will want to ensure that your lock fits correctly.

5 Tips When Installing A Mortice Lock

Mortice locks are often found in commercial buildings, such as hotels and offices. They are also used for residential applications where additional security is required. If you have purchased a new mortice lock or are planning to install one, there are some tips that can help make your job easier. Here are five tips when installing a mortice lock:

1. Check The Lockset For A Fit

Before purchasing a mortice lock, it's important to check the size of the latch and keyhole. If they don't fit properly with your door, then you'll need to purchase another set that does fit properly.

2. Take Your Time To Install It Correctly

It's important to take your time when installing a mortice lock because rushing through this process can cause damage to both the door and frame and can result in having to remove the entire mortise latch and start over again. When installing a mortise latch, it's best if you have someone else around who can hold the door open while you're working on it so that this doesn't happen to you!

3. Make sure the hole is big enough.

The hole in the door needs to be big enough for the lock cylinder to fit through, but not too big that it will fall out when you try to install it. If you have a router, you can use it to enlarge the hole slightly so that it fits properly. However, if you don’t have one, you may need to find someone who does or just live with a slightly loose mortise cylinder.

4. Check for levelness and plumpness before installation

Make sure everything is level and plumb before installing your new lock. If there’s even a slight angle or slope in your door frame, it could throw off the alignment of your mortise cylinder and keep it from working properly once installed. Use some string or chalk lines if necessary until everything is perfectly straight and level with each other before installing anything else on top of them (such as screws or nails).

5. Place everything in the right place

When installing a mortice lock, it's important that everything is placed properly within its designated position so that everything fits together correctly when it comes time to put everything together fully. When hiring a professional locksmith service provider, ask them how they would advise placing each piece of hardware in order for your lock installation to go smoothly without any problems or complications down the road!