After-Dinner Coffee Ideas for Your Reception

After the wedding dinner there is a time when guests can relax and then hit the dance floor. After-dinner coffee is a great time to offer them a cup of hot chocolate. You have many options for how you want to serve your coffee.

You can also look online to hire the services of an espresso bar for reception.

5 ways to rock a super delish reception coffee bar

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It is traditional to have waiters bring you coffee cups and coffee or decaf coffee. This is how coffee service is done in restaurants. Many private clubs also offer coffee this way. This type of coffee service is fine, but it's not the best. It would be fun to add a bit more coffee service if you and your guests love coffee.

First, you must serve excellent coffee. Clubs and caterers tend to serve a standard coffee that they pour every day, which is often not very good. The standard restaurant coffee is bland and weak for anyone who loves coffee. This is a bad thing. 

Ask your caterer to get specialty coffee from your favorite cafe. Your guests will notice a difference in the smell and know that they are about to enjoy a special cup of java instead of hot brown water.

It would be great fun to create a post-dinner coffee lounge if you're a true coffee lover. A hot trend right now is to create custom seating areas at a wedding reception. This is in line with the idea that the bride may have two separate wedding gowns or bridal jewellery sets, one for the ceremony and one to wear at the reception.

A custom coffeehouse might not be within your budget. There are still options to create a custom coffee service that doesn't cost thousands of dollars.