All About IVF Success Rates

Due to the high cost of in vitro fertilization treatments, it is not surprising if more and more people are becoming concerned and curious about IVF success rates. The great news is that there are more than satisfactory results of success specifically for young women as well as those using donor eggs. You can also read more about IVF success rates at

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Where do you get the right information and statistics as to the success rates of in vitro fertilization treatments? The website of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology or SART is where you could look up rates of IVF success and effectiveness. You could also access national rates or statistics from individual clinics included in the site.

Take note that the IVF success rates generally depend on the maternal age hence the rates are likewise reported according to the age of the woman. The older the woman, the lower her chances of success especially if she is using her very own egg cells. In 2007, data on success rates for IVF treatment using non-donor eggs is 39.6% of live births per cycle recorded on 35 years old and younger women.

Women who are aged 35 to 37 years only have 30.5% of live births per cycle, 20.9% of live births per cycle are for women who are 38 to 40 years old. Women who are aged 41 to 44 years have much lower chances of success with as little as 1% for those using non-donor eggs. Due to this fact, women who are older than 40 years and are into in vitro fertilization treatment already use donor eggs to guarantee IVF success rate.