All About The Arm Pain And Physiotherapy

Arm pain is a term used to describe all kinds of discomfort or pain within the hand, arm, and shoulder. It is generally felt starting with the finger and going up into the shoulders. The arm is comprised of bones, muscles joints, ligaments, skins, tendons, nervous system blood vessels, and more, all of which could be injured or infected for arm pain.

The arm pain can be different from

* Duration (brief moment, versus intermittent pain, versus constant pain)

* Location (very specific location, covering an extensive region, global)

* The ability to travel or radiate to other places

There are many types of pain, including stabbing pain, aching pain, tingling, electric pain, cramping, stabbing burning pain, etc. You can even get help from a professional physiotherapist via for the best treatment.

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If you experience the sensation of pins and needles, that feel like slight electrical sensations, with or without electrical or burning sensations, this is what medical experts refer to as paresthesia. The spectrum of pain can range from mild irritation or discomfort, up to extreme discomfort that can be so severe that even a slight pressure caused by blowing wind can disrupt the motion of your hand.

There are many causes that cause arm pain that including injuries, striking, and blows that are direct or internal conditions like nerve degeneration, muscle tears and cancer; and even repetitive strain injuries. 

Sometimes, arm pain may be caused by other body parts like the back and neck. A trigger point in the neck that can cause radiating numbness down the shoulder and hand or a disc that is slipped and rests on the spine's nerve that can cause radiating pain or even numbness in the hand and shoulder.