Best Freezer For Your Laboratory Storage

A blood product freezer is located in every Blood Bank laboratory. These freezers are used for blood-derived products that require immediate freezing at temperatures below -30C. You can sign up here for getting service at your home.

These products require space to freeze and store since they are required from any blood bank. A quality lab freezer unit will provide the necessary space for your lab's needs. There are sizes available from 90 liters to larger uprights. Temperature ranges vary depending on what products are stored.

A freezer that is integrated into a lab must be capable of more than freezing blood products. Constant temperature control is essential for the proper storage of controls and reagents, particularly freeze-dried items.

It is best to store blood plasma and other related products at constant temperatures, with no large flux. CFC-free systems should be used in the freezer unit. The compressor unit must also be contained within its own enclosure.

To reduce power consumption, the walls of the laboratory freezer must have polyurethane foam insulation. Cascade cooling is preferred because it reduces the compressor unit's workload.

For the preservation of vital blood products and other materials used for blood banking and research, quick-freezing is essential. 

A high-tech cascade freeze method is a good choice for Biotech products that require immediate freezing. These attributes can be used to achieve ultra-cooling.

Simple freezer designs only use the circular chart temperature tracking design. Modern high-tech freezers have both a circular chart temperature tracking design and microchip control.