Best Mountain Biking Shirts To Wear Comfortably

Cotton and polyester are not the only options when it comes to choosing a biking shirt fabric. However, they are the most popular fabrics in their respective fields. Many people debate and question the superior fabric, much like the endless debate. 

Is it better to buy a cotton t-shirt than a polyester one? It all depends on the individual who buys it. You can look for the best shirts from MTB-Sobike Sportswear according to your needs. Cotton biking t-shirts are today considered the best quality t-shirts. 


They are more comfortable than other fabrics and they breathe better. These are the advantages of cotton because it is soft. However, they do have their drawbacks. Biking T-shirts made of cotton have a limited shelf life. 

T-shirts can shrink when washed first, so if the shrink factor wasn't considered when purchasing the shirt, one might end up with a smaller shirt. The fabric of cotton fades faster than any other fabric so a t-shirt may look worn after several washes. These disadvantages can be worth the comfort of a 100% cotton T-shirt.

Polyester will not shrink if washed first. In fact, it will never shrink. A polyester biking shirt will not shrink unless it has been physically altered. Polyester t-shirts will not fade as quickly, and in fact they last longer. 

Because they can be washed multiple times before they begin to fade, they are more washable. Polyester doesn't wrinkle, which is one of its greatest benefits. A 100% polyester t-shirt will not wrinkle if you don't iron it. There are some drawbacks to polyester. It's not as comfortable as cotton. It doesn't breathe like cotton so sweat and body heat doesn't escape as easily. This makes it a more hot t-shirt.