Cheesecake Mix Served in Style

You want your cheesecake mix to look great, no matter if you bake it at home or order it online. Cheesecake mixes are delicious, rich cakes that should be presented in the most elegant way. You will impress your family with cheesecake mix serving tips! How to choose the perfect cheesecake size

It is crucial to choose the right size cheesecake mix for any event or family gathering. If you do not, you might run out of it or end up with a lot of leftovers. These are some basic guidelines to help you choose the right size cheesecake for your event or family gathering.


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Five-pound cheesecakes come with 12 big slices! These large slices will be split by some guests, but not all. Mini-cheesecakes mix comes in seven packs and weighs five ounces. These cheesecake mixes are slightly larger than the three-pound cheesecake slices. They can be ordered to feed seven to ten people.

It is important to serve your cheesecake mix cold. This is when the cheesecake mix will be the easiest to cut. It will also result in the best final product. You want to get the best temperature possible from your cheesecake delivery. Take a look at the cheesecake immediately after it arrives. While most cheesecakes should be fully thawed by the time it arrives, some cheesecakes may still be frozen.