Criminal Defense Lawyers Defending Guilty

While a majority of cases are guilty until a jury trial, defense lawyers have a duty to ensure that every client has a fair trial. Everybody has the right to a fair trial, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. 

Reputable criminal defense lawyers at Kiv Law believes in the adversarial nature of the criminal justice system. They recognize that every citizen has the right to be represented and must sometimes put aside their emotions to represent people who have committed serious crimes.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Defend Guilty

Two types of guilty clients that criminal defense attorneys represent are:

*Those who deny criminal responsibility;

*Those who accept responsibility for their criminal conduct.

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Lawyers agree that it is easier to represent a criminal client who takes some responsibility. It is easier to prove innocence or reasonable doubt when your client doesn't believe they are guilty. 

A criminal defense lawyer is faced with ethical and moral dilemmas every day. Defense lawyers also get great satisfaction when they can help an accused person make a positive difference in society. 

A criminal defense lawyer can help a client avoid serious legal consequences, such as negotiating plea bargains for rehabilitation, community service, and probation.