Designing with Dried Flowers: Things You Need to Consider

Dried flower arrangements are a trend that has been experiencing a resurgence and is gaining momentum as floral designers continue to find modern ways to showcase dried flowers. If you have a desire to work with these or have been approached by a client whose vision includes dried flowers, consider the following before working on your proposal:

Pricing: Dried flowers are typically more costly than fresh. Price check before you quote. You can also look for 'dried flowers via' (also known as 'droogbloemen via' in the Dutch language).

Availability: Popular demands have greatly affected supply. Be sure you can obtain the products in time by ordering well in advance.

Quantity: Dried flowers take up less space in our designs and may require higher stem counts.

Sourcing: Will you dry your own product, forage, outsource, or possibly do all three? Determine what you have time and space for, and make sure to locate wholesalers who carry products for dried flower arrangements.

Planning: Unlike fresh flowers, dried floral arrangements will not perish, allowing you to design in advance – provided you have proper storage.

Colors: Determine which flowers hold their colors once dried (if drying yourself) and what color options are available.

Storing: Dried flowers will do best when stored in a dry, cool, and dimly lit or dark space.

Transportation: Dried flowers can be boxed (with a lid) and easily transported, but be mindful of their delicate nature when packing.