Different types of hard money lending programs

Private investors loan hard money to you. Private investors can come from any country, but they will usually prefer to work in their home state. If you are from Florida you should look for an investor there.

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What kind of loans will hard money lenders lend money for?

A construction loan is the first type of hard cash loan that lenders offer. The hard money lender will lend the money to the borrower in stages when he or she is involved in construction. 

Example: If you own land in Florida, and want to build your house, the plans have been approved by the city. You will need a hard cash loan to finance the construction. It is easier to get approved and obtain the money. 

The first step is to contact a hard money lender. You will need to provide your information, including the approved plans and financials. Next, you will need to give the lender your details. If the lender agrees that you can borrow the money, there will be stages.

After the lender inspects the foundation work, the contractor will be paid $10,000. Then, when the electrician completes the electrical work in the house the electrician will be paid $7000. Are you clear on the concept? The completion of the construction will pay all the contructors.

Why would a hard money lender do this? Private investors are willing to take risks if they have 100% control over the money.