Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work, And Is It Dangerous?

A laser that is specially designed, the Q-Switched laser delivers remarkable results to dramatically reduce or eliminate most tattoo inks. 

Laser tattoo removal treatment is safe and reliable and doesn't harm the skin around it. It's a non-invasive approach to having tattoos removed surgically.

Laser Tattoo Removal

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A lot of people regret getting tattoos and consider it embarrassing when their lives alter. The old saying goes "The tattoos from youth will be the ones regrets aging" Anonymous.

Laser tattoo removal therapy uses laser light pulses from the laser beam that are directed towards the tattoo, which breaks up the pigment of the tattoo. Over several weeks, the body's macrophages eliminate the pigmented areas treated. 

The Q-Switched laser can treat dark inks for tattoos particularly black and blue. Expect to receive multiple treatments to get the desired results.

The Advantages to Patients

  • The most effective method to get rid of unwanted tattoos

  • A good treatment for dark inks (black and blue)

  • Dramatic results after several treatments

The Q-Switched laser produces energy quickly, in nanoseconds with extremely high energy. The pulses are absorbed into the tattoo, which breaks it down into tiny pigment particles that are suitable to be eliminated by the body's own lymphatic and immune system.

Q-Switch laser technology provides extremely high efficiency with very little risk. It allows for the effective removal of tattoos with a low risk of negative side consequences. Q-Switched lasers provide significant benefits over other methods of removal of tattoos and are currently the method that is preferred for tattoo removal.