Guidelines: You May Need Root Canal Treatment

There are certain occasions when a root canal procedure seems to fail. Whenever something like this happens, the dentist at fault will usually try to redo the root canal so that it has been completed correctly. This dentist will probably go on the job of trying to eliminate the old filling materials used for the root. After that, it will attempt to reposition the tooth before replacing the materials that have been out. If you are looking for the root canal dentist in your area then you can search various online sources.

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The problem, however, is that the old filling can be extremely difficult to eliminate from the tooth. It makes it even more difficult if a post has already been placed in the hole in the tooth to help in the preparation of the tooth before a crown is placed. If this is the case, an X-ray can be used to demonstrate the failure associated with the root.

There is a surgical procedure that can be used to get rid of the incriminated root tip called apicoectomy. This procedure will also allow the dentist to get rid of any abscess that might have been associated with the failed root canal.

The procedure of an apicoectomy is completed by cutting the soft fabric flap which is located just above the treated tooth where the tip of the root canal is located. This cut will actually cut through the bone and will amputate the tip of the root.