How is Canada Politicized?

Canada is one of the most politically-riddled countries in the world. This has led to a number of problems, such as politicians catering to their own interests rather than those of the public. 

Canada also suffers from a lack of transparency in government, meaning that citizens are often unable to understand what is happening behind the scenes. 

To make matters worse, Canadian politics are often dominated by a small number of parties and individuals. As a result, it is difficult for citizens to find trustworthy information about the political process.

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The New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit in India

Justin Trudeau, the 43-year-old son of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was sworn in as Canada's new prime minister on Wednesday. Trudeau, who campaigned on a platform of openness and diversity, is the youngest prime minister in Canadian history. He took office after his Liberal Party won a majority of seats in the country's parliamentary elections.

Trudeau began his first overseas trip as prime minister on Tuesday, visiting India where he met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed ways to strengthen economic ties between the two countries. 


Justin Trudeau has had an eventful first few months as Canada's new Prime Minister. In March, he made history by becoming the first Canadian Prime Minister to be openly gay. Later that month, he visited India, where he met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and discussed a variety of issues including trade and climate change. On Friday, Trudeau was in Beijing for talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on a range of topics including the economy and security.