Know About Krypton 85 Leak Testing Process

The manufacturing process for sealed packages and systems is quite typical. This is because even a small leak failure in these packages or systems can sometimes be catastrophic. 

To avoid this, these packages must go through an extensive quality control process. In this process, sealed packages and systems are checked for large or small leak problems.  To know more about package leaks and tests, visit

Leakage is one of the most dire flaws any sealed package or system can have. Therefore, if you are in the business of manufacturing devices or machines that have sealed components, you must test them for any leakage faults. 

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Leak testing can greatly assist in detecting leakage failures in sealed components and systems. In this testing process, the device and sealed systems are checked for structural failures and leaks.

Krypton 85 is one of the most popular leak testing processes, used to test the quality of various types of machines and devices. This technique is extremely efficient and is basically used to measure the coarse and fine leak rates of components that are installed in highly reliable machines and devices. 

Kr 85 is a radioisotope and is used in this leak test process. The Krypton 85 leak testing process can help detect infinitesimal holes in sealed systems, components, and packages.

The Kr 85 leak test is often used to test critical military components for failure. This quality control process is known for its precision and accuracy. This process can efficiently help detect leakage failures in sealed components and systems. 

In recent decades, many efficient leak testing processes have been developed, but by far the kr-85 leak test has proven to be the most effective and accurate.