Orange County Photographer Looks at Crystal Cove As a Photography Location

Crystal Cove is a state park in California, north of Laguna Beach in Orange County. Many people go there to enjoy the beaches and nature trails. However, the park is also a place for many photoshoots, and with good reason. This offers the opportunity to shoot poses and revelations in a much quieter environment than a studio. You can also visit to find professional Orange County CA photographers.

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Of course, the first thing to do when you arrive is to park your car (there is a small parking fee). The walk from the parking lot to the beach offers a great opportunity to get beautiful natural shots. The trails are paved and lead you through a quiet wooded area. A photo of a couple or family walking on a nature trail hand in hand, while the background creates a beautiful photography theme for unity.

In the middle of the road, there is a tunnel about 50 meters long. The striking portrait is of the group standing at the entrance with the tunnel arch serving as a frame and sunlight pouring in from behind.

Entering the beach area of the park, you will find several barns and buildings dating from the 1950s. A fun and popular technique for photos taken in front of these buildings is to change the colours of these photos to pastel, black and white, or sepia. It creates a whimsical historical look with undertones of innocence and warmth.