Overview of Drug and Alcohol Addictions in New Jersey

What exactly is addiction? Addiction is defined as a physiological dependence on something and its effects are both psychological and physical.

An addicted person truly needs to constantly feed their addiction. Most people who are addicted to something don't realize they have a problem. The addiction has snuck up on them and caught them unawares. They think the problem lies with everyone else.

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Planning A Drug and Alcohol Intervention for Your Loved One

Addiction and abuse are two different things. A person can abuse a substance such as alcohol but never be addicted to it. The two determining factors of addiction are tolerance and physical dependence.

Any addiction is highly destructive, both to the person who has the addiction and also those around them. Addictions to substances are difficult to overcome. However, once the addict actually sees and admits to a problem, there are many avenues of treatment for both alcohol and drug addictions.

The glorified picture many teenagers see in movies and on television involves other teenagers drinking and taking drugs to add to the fun they are apparently already having. It makes it look like just the thing to do to have fun. Hollywood does do a little to attempt to show the other side of addiction with certain movies and shows.

But the addicted character is still glamorized in the end which overshadows the very dark side of drug and alcohol addiction. Movies are made to entertain us, so we must look at the whole picture with a critical view. The harsh reality of addiction is not entertaining on any level whatsoever. Addiction itself is a nightmare and the ensuing rehab is no picnic either.