Quarrels in Business? Don’t Complain, Mediate!

Despite the good intentions of the parties, business relationships are sometimes unpleasant. Both parties can view each other's position as appropriate and their business practices as ethical. 

However, it is common knowledge in law that common sense can deviate. When positions hold and refuse to distort business disputes, they can arise. You can now handle it all with the help of business mediators.

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Depending on what is at stake, the business person involved in the dispute may consider filing a lawsuit, especially if informal attempts to resolve the dispute fail. Of course, the courts are the place to settle disputes. But they're not very efficient or cheap, at least not from the point of view of the person trying to run the business.

The main disadvantage of legal proceedings is that the parties lose all control over the outcome. In principle, the judge or jury is responsible for making decisions. Courtrooms make "winners" and "losers". The fact is that everyone loses "losers" and many "winners" also lose due to the expense, time and attention away from the business.

In addition, a party can be strengthened so that it does not think about the possibility of losing in the event of an unpleasant surprise. The fact is that the outcome of the process is unpredictable. 

In addition, the trial process is very galvanized. Once the process begins, the parties are unlikely to resolve their differences and continue to do business together. This situation can also have a negative economic impact on one or both parties.