Quick Introduction to Types of Aluminium Boats

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Aluminium boats are quite popular among beginners and casual boaters. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything for experts. Even skilled boaters prefer aluminium boats for fishing and boating in shallow waters. But the key to making the most of your boating time lies in selecting the right one from these aluminium boat types.

  • Mod-V Boats: Mod-V hulls combine flatter aft and deep forward sections. This lets them stay stable and carve easily through calm waters plus doing great even at higher speeds. Although they don’t meet the level of stability offered by deep-v hulls, these are a perfect blend of deep-v and utility designs. And that’s what makes them a popular choice among casual boaters.
  • Deep-V Boats: This type of aluminium boat is characterized by a more pronounced deadrise and a wedge-shaped hull. Being the best option for rough waters, deep-v boats aren’t suitable for shallow waters. The deep hull lets them cut through waves easily without pounding. However, many boaters still use deep-v hull boats in shallow waters.
  • Jon Boats: These boats are usually defined for utility purposes with a length kept between 10 and 16 feet. With a negligible deadrise, these boats are strictly made for use in shallow waters. Their flat bottom allows them to stay stable in smooth waters even when running at high speeds. Casual boaters use them to skim through rivers and lakes.

While this quick guide can help you find the right type for you, aluminium boat builders in Australia can help you find the exact match to your desired purpose and budget.