Recent Features Of Hydraulic Press Brake

Press brake is an most important machinery for forming sheet metal. It is employed to bend the metal into various angles. The hydraulic press brake can be used as an alternative to a mechanical bender. 

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Have a look at some of the new features of the hydraulic press brake described below:

Welded Steel structure 

The old mechanical bender is constructed out of iron, while the modern hydraulic brakes are constructed from 100% steel which eliminates the built-in stress of machines and helps them run for more time.

Mechanical Torsion Shaft

The benefit is that it allows two cylinders to be working simultaneously. This is the most popular torsion around the world today. 

Hydraulic system

Since this is a hydraulic press brake, then the hydraulic system has to be vital. It's an alternative to mechanical power.

Motorized back gauge

The gauge is controlled by an electronic device using buttons and then there is an electronic panel on the front. You can input the information to make use of them, and however, you can alter them manually to achieve a more precise target.

These recently added features make Hydraulic Press Brake more optimized and productive. Which increases its shelf life and working efficiency.