Reducing The Risk Of Tree Damage From Summer Storms in Marietta

There are many steps you can take to reduce the risk of tree damage in Marietta. Even though summer brings rain and wind, proper tree maintenance can help to avoid falling and breaking trees. You can also find tree removal services in Marietta via


Winds with the same strength may cause damage to one tree, but they could also cause damage to others. Because each tree is affected by the wind, this is possible. Trees with dense foliage and numerous branches will block more wind and be more susceptible to breakage than trees that have fewer branches and leaves.

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Proper tree pruning can reduce the likelihood of trees being damaged by summer storms. Tree service professionals can trim your trees so that they produce less drag, protecting them from potential damage. Planting more trees can be done in groups to protect them from windy weather.


Your trees could be damaged if they are subject to severe storms every year. Even if your trees are established and healthy, high winds can cause damage to their root systems. Mulch can be used to provide extra protection for your trees during storm season.


Staking is a good option for young trees that are unstable. Staking is a way to secure trees in the ground, whether their root systems are developing or damaged. Cables, braces, or props are available to support the weight of trunks and branches that have already been damaged.