Remote Online Notarization: What Does it Mean?

Remote online notarization (RON), is the process by which a state-licensed public notary public can electronically sign, verify identity, and keep a record using electronic signatures, electronic notarial journals, and other recording technologies.

The electronic signing, identity verification and audio-visual technology used to notarize documents remotely are called RON. These technologies allow notaries to notarize securely and save time and travel for both parties. You can get Floridas trusted remote online notarization at Notary Agent Elite.

RON - What to Know About Remote Online Notary in Florida - Alliant National Title Insurance Co.

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The notary public can sign a document from anywhere they are located. The convenience of RON is evident to anyone who has ever had to visit a notary public in order to sign a document. RON has many other advantages over paper-based, in-person notarization.

Many people have become accustomed to electronic signature technology's convenience and are now frustrated by the paper-based, in-person process of notarization. Now, notarization has a digital upgrade thanks to RON technology. Notaries and those in the related industries can reduce the time required to complete authorized transactions and deliver services to clients. 

RON not only makes business more efficient, but also improves customer experience, and helps to reduce fraud and risk during the notarization process. Numerous states have adopted RON legislation and this trend is only growing as more people are forced to work remotely or from afar.