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How to restore your vehicle with easy steps ?

If you're ever in a situation where you need to restore your vehicle, there's no need to be scared 

Start by taking off the front and rear bumper panels

Remove the air pump and hoses from the carburetor

Loosen or remove bolts that hold on the driveshaft, differential, and transmission

Remove panels that cover the cooling system, engine, and exhaust system

What to Expect Before Restoration?

Before restoring a vehicle, it is important to understand what to expect. Here are some of the benefits of Vehicle restoration:

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First and foremost, vehicle restoration can be a fun and exciting experience. It can be a great way to connect with your car and restore it to its former glory.

Second, vehicle restoration can be a valuable learning experience. By restoring a car, you learn about the mechanics of the car and how to work on it. This knowledge can be applied to other repairs or projects in your life.

What Vehicle Parts to Avoid when you restore a vehicle ? 

Avoid using old or damaged parts in your restoration project. This goes for both new and used parts. 

Try to avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products on your car. These can damage the paint and finish on your car.

Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight or cold weather conditions.

Do’s of restoring your car . 

If you’re thinking about restoring your car, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some do’s of restoring your car:

Do: research the restoration process before you start. This will help you to avoid any mistakes during the restoration process.