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All About Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a dental therapy where a tooth-colored resin is used and hardened with a special light to make teeth look much better. This is a process that's utilized to fix chipped or misaligned teeth. 

Bonding is a procedure that's relatively simple to achieve compared to crowns and veneers that take much longer. Tooth bonding  can be a process that may be finished in a single visit, especially if it entails a tooth. 

dental bonding

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Many men and women opt for this procedure if they want to ensure that the gaps between their teeth can be closed. It is also an alternative that people choose if they wish to modify the form of their teeth.

Cosmetic Bonding – The Process

If you and your regional dentist have decided that dental bonding is a process that is needed for you, some groundwork may be required before getting into the process. 

Anesthesia is needed simply if the bonding has been done to correct a decayed tooth. A contour guide must have the ability to create the ideal shape and color of the resin to match your teeth. The base of this tooth is roughened and also a liquid is employed so that it can help the resin connect to the tooth. 

The resin is applied and molded to the desired shape before it is hardened with ultraviolet lighting. The entire process takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the procedure.