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Black Quartz Worktops For the New Trendy Kitchen

When it comes to fixed worktops, quartz worktops are one of the most cost-effective. Quartz countertops offer the benefits of a sturdy natural surface, albeit at a higher cost. 

Smoky quartz is another type of macrocrystalline quartz. The color can vary from gray to warm black, clear and light to almost "dark" and appears brown/black. This transparent color of stylish black worktops makes the stone easy to spot. 

The staining is caused by natural radiation that occurs in the area (quartz crystals can also be irradiated in the laboratory to produce a smoke color. This is not recommended because it can usually be identified). Collectors who prefer natural phenomena should be careful when buying now.

Smoky quartz occurs mainly in quartz veins, where it forms in rock cavities. It is also found in the core of pegmatites and as a secondary crystal in geodes. It's not uncommon to find tiny holes in smoky quartz that contain water or carbon dioxide, and sometimes both. These cavities are called enhydros.

If the movement of fluid and gas inclusions in the cavity can be seen with the naked eye it is called elastic enhydros. When a large amount of liquid appears in large quantities, the crystals become opaque and are called milky quartz. 

Numerous smoky quartz crystals are formed, one of which is located in a layer of milky quartz elsewhere. Hematite, chlorite, or goethite are other common mineral inclusions found in smoky quartz.

Smoky quartz is also called "Champagne on Ice" and is Scotland's national gem. The national wand contains a large crystal made of smoky quartz.