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Know About the 3 Easy Steps to Install a Pool Winter Cover

There are many ways to cover the pool during the winter. It should be remembered that the installation of a winter pool cover is the only way to secure the pool throughout the season. You just need to be careful and accurate in every movement you will do.

Here the material you need:

  • Winter swimming pool cover
  • Air Tube (or Aqua Blocks)
  • Garden Hose
  • Anti-clotting chemical

Step 1: Clean, winterize, and your Drain Swimming Pool

Start the first step to clean the walls of the pool and deck. Before applying the chemicals, the swimming pool filtration system runs for one day. This technique helps you to collect all the dirt in the water. Skim all the debris found in the pool. You can find custom retractable pool enclosures for indoor-outdoor pools from various web sources.

Project Image

After cleaning, you can now apply chemicals. Furthermore, the chemicals will make your pool water can be used for the next season. Lower your pool water below the level of this skimmer. In addition, drain the pool equipment such as pumps and filters.

Step 2: Spread Pool Winter Cover

Before buying a winter cover, measure the area of your pool. For you to achieve a better closure there should be an overlap in the winter pool cover. Excess cover measurement is used to prevent air from passing undercover. In addition, the overlap will be weighed with the water tube.

Step 3: Secure With Cover Supplements

While closing down, but the water tubes on each side. Using a garden hose, open the valve opening of the tube and insert the tube. Do not overfill the tube because they will fly while frozen. Sufficient space in the tube will be occupied by water once it has expanded. Pour the anti-freezing chemicals. This reduces the liquid substance into the frozen water.