The Importance Of Annual Eye Exams

Protecting your eyesight is as important as protecting your health. A licensed ophthalmologist should examine your eyes every year. This will help to keep your eyes healthy for many decades. 

You can also explore the method of artificial intelligence eye screening at home to test your eyes.

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Eye examinations offer vision protection and prevention:

Vision problems can be detected annually and the eyes are protected. Vision changes are part of aging. Vision fluctuations can be a sign of aging and should be monitored with an eye exam every year. 

A prescription that is out of date can cause strain to your eyes. Other issues can result such as dry eyes, headaches, neck strain, and sensitivity to light.

Vision checks can alert you to changes in your prescription:

Your prescription can be affected by even the smallest changes to your vision. You can ensure that your prescription is up-to-date by having an annual vision inspection.

Eye Exams to Check for Eye Diseases with & Without Symptoms:

Your professional eye exam does more than just check your vision. These exams often include detailed assessments and a variety of tests. Eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts are closely examined. Also, conditions like dry eyes and color blindness are checked during exams. 

Common tests include visual depth perception, eye movement, sharpness, and examining the internal structure of your eye with pupil dilation.

Glaucoma is one example of an eye disorder that can be difficult to spot. Glaucoma, if not treated promptly, can lead to blindness. Glaucoma can be diagnosed by measuring eye pressure, assessing the optic nerve health, and checking the condition of the cornea. These are the things that only an experienced eye professional can see.