The Revival Of The Ketubah In Israel

Beautiful pieces of artwork revitalize a four-hundred-year-old Jewish marriage contract tradition, the ketubah. The ketubah document originated as protection for women against the abandonment of their husbands.

This Jewish ketubah marriage contract protects women from expulsion from their husbands without guaranteeing their financial well-being. There are many companies available that provide ketubah designs online. You can easily get Ketubah papercut design for sale & buy online now via Ketubahome.

The modern version of the ketubah has its roots in exile in Babylon when elders believed in the need to guarantee legal property and insurance for women if the husband was no longer present for reasons such as divorce, desertion, or death.

The elders were careful about listing the obligations of the groom to the bride because the financial consequences of divorce kept the Jewish family intact.

With slight revisions over the centuries, this ketubah marriage contract is still used today and is known as traditional Aramaic. The Orthodox community uses this text exclusively and many other rabbis and couples also choose it because this Aramaic text has proven itself.

It is also the only text of a Jewish marriage contract recognized as valid in the State of Israel. Unfortunately, recently the divorce rate has risen so high that the conservative movement has been forced to add another paragraph to the traditional Aramaic text, called the Lieberman Clause.

It stated that in the event of a divorce, the couple would agree to attend a meeting of the rabbis and abide by their decision on Jewish divorce. If one of the partners disobeys, he can be taken to a civil court to enforce the order.

Essentially, the goal is to provide civil protection to the wife in the event that the husband refuses to give her the "acceptance" of what constitutes a Jewish divorce, an act that would prevent her from remarrying in the future.