Types of Office Chair Casters

There are many types of office chair casters, some of which you may not even be aware of. Here are the three most common types of office chair casters, and their purposes: rubber floor casters, wood office chair casters, and metal office chair casters.

Rubber floor casters are used on floors that are particularly soft or slippery, such as carpeted floors. They keep the chair from sliding around, making it easier to move around the office. They're also useful if you have a lot of furniture in your office and want to be able to move everything without having to worry about scratching anything. If you want to replace your office chair wheels, then you can browse the web.

Wood office chair casters are usually used on hardwood or tile floors. They provide better traction than rubber floor casters and help to keep the chair stationary while you're working. They're also handy if you have a lot of delicate items that you need to move around the office, like pictures or plants.

Metal office chair casters are a newer option and are becoming more popular because they provide both traction and stability. They work well on both hardwood and tile floors and can be used for both stationary workstations as well as movable ones.

How to remove wood office chair casters

If you have wood office chair casters and they are starting to make a lot of noise when you move your chair around, it's time to replace them. Replace your office chair casters with rubber ones to reduce the noise and friction. You can also replace the wooden office chair casters with metal ones for a more durable option.