Various Items You Need In Your Natural Survival Kit

There are kits for all kinds of disasters; including first aid style, nuclear, for family, earthquakes, bad weather, and more. You can always start by setting up your personal survival gear.

Purchasing a disaster kit includes everything that professional survival experts have considered. These experts, mostly from the military, knew what it took to survive. To purchase survival gear for military, navigate through various websites.

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You can start with a good backpack to keep your things neat and organized. Here are the items in your kit and what they are used for.

Heat and outdoor shelter kit – An outdoor shelter can be a mylar blanket that reflects off your body heat and keeps you warm. It is an inexpensive and compact item, but indispensable for survival.

Emergency food and water gear – This is the number one essential thing for survival, Water should consist of a larger quantity for each family member. Food in lyophilized packaging that will last for months.

Emergency lighting and communications devices – Solar-powered lights that can also be used to charge cell phones. Several waterproof bonfire lighters are also included in this set.

A number of essentials for natural disaster survival – This includes a certified survival knife, preferably military style, which can be used for slicing, cutting, sewing and self-defense. Also, make sure the kit includes a fishing rod and hook for catching food.

Personal health and First Aid kit – Your kit contains all the medical supplies, everything you need for basic wound protection. Some soaps go a long way in keeping you clean. Standard items like toothbrushes and toothpaste are a must to keep your body clean.