Water Tank Cleaning in Auckland for a Healthy Water System

Your water storage tank is an essential part of your water system which needs to be regularly maintained because neglected water tanks and systems are high-risk areas for the proliferation of bacteria.

So what should you do to ensure your water tank is clean and fit for use? To prevent or control these risks, precautions should be taken to keep the system and water clean. You can also get the best water tank cleaning in Auckland.

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1. Conduct a thorough risk assessment

A thorough risk assessment will survey your water tank and highlight any problems. The report will recommend any remedial actions required. 

2. Water tank cleaning and repair

Once the inspection has taken place, if necessary, water storage tanks should be physically cleaned and then disinfected. Corrosion and scale formation in a water tank if left untreated weakens the structure of a tank and can also harbor bacterial growth. Old tanks can be drained, dismantled, and removed and new tanks fitted.

3. Regular testing and servicing

Water samples should be taken and analyzed annually, or as defined during the risk assessment. This is particularly important for high-risk water sources, such as stagnant water in water storage tanks.

If you followed these steps, you can rest assured that your maintenance standards are being met and that you have a clear audit trail in the event of an inspection. Tenants, staff and building users can also have peace of mind that all reasonable precautions are being taken to manage their responsibilities.