What Are Air Conditioning Duct System & Its Types

All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have ducts. They are responsible for delivering and removing the air. Air transfers are required in all HVAC systems. This includes return, exhaust and supply. 

Ventilation systems use ducts to control the air flow from outside to inside of a room to maintain indoor air quality. This system is also known as ductwork and design, dimensions and optimization is called "duct design".

AC duct system transfer cold streams from one place to another and distribute them where they are needed. Ducts can also reduce noise and speed cold air flow.

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There are three types of air conditioning ducts:-

  • Overhead Ducts

These ducts are suspended above with steel wires. They generate cold winds that infuse warm room air with colder wind and move all over the building, reducing temperatures.

  • Ducts For Hot Environments

To direct the cold stream in the downward direction, angular positions are used to make holes in hot areas like industries, commercial laundries, and bakeries. This is how cold wind can displace hot streams. These holes are small and numerous to allow for a low speed stream.

  • Ducts For Spot Cooling

Spot cooling ducts are also possible with perforated or plain ducts. They must be connected to any portable AC unit to do this. This is extremely useful in areas where cooling large areas is not feasible. This allows the cold stream to be released precisely where it is needed. This reduces the energy cost.

These are the main types of AC ducts according to their functions and uses. As you can see, proper installation and maintenance of AC ducts are essential for HVAC systems.