What Is A School Photographer?

A school photographer is a person who takes photographs of the students at a school and gives them to their parents or other teachers. A school photographer usually gets paid for taking the photographs, and he or she should also work with the school administration to make sure that there are policies in place for how parents can get copies of their children's shots.

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School photographers take pictures of students in school. They are responsible for documenting the events and activities that take place in a school. This can include everything from school dances to sporting events.

Most school photographers work for a district or county office that provides services to schools. They usually photograph in bulk, sending out copies of their photos to schools once a week or month. School photographers can also work as freelance professionals.

When do school photographers work?

A school photographer typically works during the school day, when classes are in session. They also work on weekends and during holidays.

Some schools have a contracted photographer who covers all aspects of photography for the school, while other schools may have a single photographer who focuses on event photography.

School photographers typically charge by the hour, while some charge by the project or by the number of photos taken. In addition, some schools offer discounts to parents of students who are photographed.