What Is Metal Recycling And How To Recycle Metal?

Metals are versatile elements that can be used to create everyday materials for many centuries. Metals are valuable, non-renewable resources. They are durable, strong, malleable, and conductive and serve as vital raw materials for many uses such as in tool production, construction, and electronics.

While steel, aluminum, and copper are the most commonly used metals, recent technology such as smartphones has created a market for rare earth metals. These metals are rare, but they are also very expensive. Scrap & metal recycling in Sydney is a great way to get metal out of existing products at the end of their useful lifecycles. The metal can then be recycled into new products.

metal recycling

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What is the process of metal recycling?

Metals are one of the most efficient materials for recycling. Metals can be recycled almost endlessly, unlike other recyclable materials like paper and plastics, which can degrade over time and lose some of their value. There are many metals that can and will be recycled, including aluminum, steel, gold, and silver as well as copper and brass. Steel is actually the most recyclable material on the planet. 

Metal recycling has clear environmental benefits, including increased resource use and carbon dioxide emission reductions. Recycling one-ton steel can save 80 percent on carbon dioxide emissions that were produced during steelmaking.

Process of Metal recycling:

It is important to know what happens to everyday items that contain metal.

  • Collection
  • Sorting
  • Shredding
  • Melting
  • Purification
  • Cooling and solidification