What to Consider When Buying a Ping Pong Table

Table tennis tables are a significant investment for many people, so it is worth investigating what you require and ensuring you are getting the best value for your money. There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing the best outdoor table tennis tables. The following article will go over the most important factors to think about when selecting a table tennis table.

Permanent or Portable: You should think about whether you need a portable one or a permanent setup. It is advisable to buy a portable one as it is easy to set up and take down after finishing playing. Get a portable model, which can be set up by one person.

Tabletop thickness: This is a vital thing you need to take into consideration. The thickness of a table 1-inch and above is for serious players. Less than that is good for family use. You should note that thickness has an effect on the bounce. Therefore, when you purchase thicker ones, you get a better bounce.

Table legs: Sturdiness is quite important when buying a ping pong table. Sturdier tables are quite expensive. Ensure you check the table’s legs and supports. The good thing about a sturdy table is that it can withstand extreme family use. 

Generally, a ping pong table should have a smooth finish without rough patches and rough edges. A strong frame and strong legs are a must. The ball should be bouncing on the table consistently.