Why Petroleum Jelly Is Important For Tattoo Healing

We've all heard rumors that oils are harmful to our skin. But is it true and why is it important? While you can find oil in tattoos in many skincare products, it is not always referred to as oil.

The best ingredients like mineral oil, paraffin oil, or best tattoo petroleum jelly for tattooed skin are oils. This oil is widely used in various tattoo and aftercare skincare products because it often feels like a very effective moisturizer and creates a tight barrier on the skin that prevents water from entering. You can find the right petroleum jelly for tattoos online.

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In skincare products, oils create dense textures and smooth movements. Think of a product like petroleum jelly or Aquaphor that is thick, dense, and sticks well to your skin.

While this product will give you temporary relief, it will cause your skin to choke. The oils and their ingredients are considered "occlusive", meaning that they do not allow air to penetrate the skin.

It's like wrapping your skin in plastic. The oil prevents your skin from breathing (meaning it CANNOT heal) and instead of moisturizing, it dries out your skin.

Petroleum-based products, or even products that contain no oil at all, will strip your skin of its natural moisture without your body absorbing it.