Will Sunless Tanning Products Protect You From the Sun?

So you want to get a safe tan and you have decided to use one of the many sunless tanning products on the market today. Some Tanning Water products are very good and will give you a great-looking tan without having to lie for hours under the sun. However, you may be wondering if those sunless tanning products, once they have tanned your skin you will be protected from the sun. That is exactly the answer we will provide for you here.

Before we get too far if you read all the way to the bottom you will learn more information on how you can get a free sample of a popular new tanning product that is said to give a "Hollywood Star" looking tan.

There are two ways to get a tan. The most traditional is to lie outside for hours and expose your skin to all those harmful rays of the sun. Sure you can get a deep dark tan that way, but you also run the risk of getting skin cancer and premature wrinkling. When you tan your skin using the sun you are basically killing off the outer layers of your skin and he color they change is that tan color we love so much. It is ironic that a tan looks healthy, but what is being done to your skin isn't actually very healthy at all.

But there is a safe way to get a tan. This is the second method.

This other method uses either a tanning spray that is done by a professional or there are creams, lotions and gels that a person applies in the privacy of their home.